Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is so much more than body language, however. In this Article we focuses on the importance of non-verbal communication in our everyday lives, starting with a brief definition of nonverbal communication (and how it differs from verbal communication), The impact of nonverbal communication on our messages, How nonverbal and verbal messages interact, and … Read more

Intercultural Communication | Importance Of Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication, simply put is communication between cultures. We can define Culture as, “ongoing negotiation of learned and patterned beliefs, attitudes values and behaviors,” and that comes from the textbook from the University of Minnesota libraries. So remember back to perception and even defining communication when we discuss that we interpret messages based on our … Read more

Barriers To Communication | Psychological Barriers to Communication

Barriers To Communication

Language or verbal communication is a tool that we use to communicate, but it is also easy to miscommunicate with language today we will focus on how using language can result in miscommunication specifically why language barriers exist, common language barriers, and then some simple suggestions for overcoming language barriers. Language Barriers To Communication It … Read more

Model of Communication

Model of Communication

Models of Communicating are theoretical models which are utilized to describe the communication process concerning how messages are delivered, received, or acted upon. The first version of communication was invented by Claude Shannon in 1948 and afterwards published with a newspaper by Warren Weaver. This version provides a framework where we can analyze the fundamental … Read more

Goal Of Communication | Purpose Of Communication

Purpose Of Communication

Every time we communicate we do so with the intent of affecting our environment by influencing those around us. Babies cry to get fed. Instructors explain how to use a piece of equipment.Families gossip to increase filial bonds and reinforce social norms. Teenagers ask their parents if they can borrow the car, and parents ask … Read more

Classifaction Of Communication | Types Of Communication

Types Of Communication

What exactly is communication? The most simple definition: Communication is each act of transmitting the information. Information in the broadest sense of the word: including thoughts, ideas and emotions. Information in the broadest sense of the word: including thoughts, ideas and emotions. Information in the broadest sense of the word: including thoughts, ideas and emotions. … Read more