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What exactly is communication? The most simple definition: Communication is each act of transmitting the information. Information in the broadest sense of the word: including thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Information in the broadest sense of the word: including thoughts, ideas and emotions. Information in the broadest sense of the word: including thoughts, ideas and emotions. Giving someone a bouquet of flowers is communicating a certain message.

Adding to that gift a verbal compliment, “You’re pretty” is another separate act of communication. We are blushing ‘because you’ve just received flowers and a compliment is again another form of communication.

As social animals, we communicate day in day out… with spoken words, non-verbal gestures, signs and symbols. With spoken words, non-verbal gestures, signs and symbols. Sometimes we use media to communicate a message. Media are the channels that we use to communicate.Types Of Communication

Scholars don’t really agree on the definition of the word media. Television, internet, radio, mobile phones, the soapbox we stand on to give a speech, they are all technical media away. Things we constructed to amplify our communication. In the broader definition, we can include our hands, voice and eyes, that we all use to communicate somehow, in the list of communication channels, of media.

In general, however, whenever we discuss mediated communication or the mass media, we only mean the first category. Over the years, scientists from different scientific disciplines have studied these channels of communication and all these different forms that communication can take.

The results of their studies have formed the basis of the relatively new ‘science of communication’. Even today, many scholars in other disciplines study the exact same communication phenomena as we do. We share theories, models and often use the same methods to analyze & describe our field. It is, therefore, useful to be aware of how these other disciplines are connected with ours.

To get an idea of the different levels of communication and how they are connected to other scientific disciplines, we can look at the so-called pyramid of communication. On the highest level of this pyramid, we find societal communication, which is by its very nature aimed at a large mass audience. Therefore mainly historians, political scientists and sociologists studied this perspective.

Under that is the level of institutional communication, that is performed by political parties, organized religions, large corporations and such. Then comes the level of group communication.

Groups are audiences that feel a high level of group identification, for instance, a family or a fan club. Both institutional and group communication are in the field of sociology and cultural anthropology.

We have now arrived at the level of interpersonal communication, basically the communication between two or more people. Both sociologists and psychologists study this field. Finally, there is a level of intrapersonal communication. This would be the communication you have with yourself.

With this, we mean all information processing, thinking, internalizing information and the process of giving meaning to the world around us. And of course, this approach leans heavily on the discipline of psychology.

Role  of Communication

Function of Communication in  Life – Everything You Want to Know The function of communication was proven to be somewhat intricate. It’s due to this reason that lots of individuals have never actually thought about its significance in their own lives. These days, the part of communication is no more an enigma in any way.

Nevertheless, you need to learn how to manage it properly to reach goals successfully. When it’s the purpose of communicating in private or public lives. In reality, although it’s quite helpful in public preferences, it may not be completely effective. Just as the goal of communicating could differ, communicating privately lives also includes a substantial function.

It plays a fantastic part in keeping a connection with your loved ones and friends, in addition to handling the relationship with a supervisor. For successful communication, there are a number of basic methods that can allow you to realize how to use communication to the fullest degree. To begin with, you have to be aware of the fundamentals of good communication.

Communication relies on the capacity to exchange data between at least two people. Before, communication was only possible between individuals through written papers. Nowadays, more people prefer communicating through digital means such as emails, text messages, or chat solutions. With the rise in the requirement for digital communications, there’s been a rise in the prevalence of instant messaging solutions. In years past you can only communicate via the phone or via postal services.

As a result of the world wide web, now you can speak to other people in real-time across the world wide web provided that they have an online connection. In addition, the part of online communication in communication has significantly improved through time.

The amount of users of this net has improved radically. Thus, there are far more chances to communicate with different people online. But if you would like to locate the perfect method to boost your communication skills on the web, it is possible to discover some suggestions from experts that are using online communication as a means to better their communication abilities.

The Internet can be an extremely powerful tool in regards to enhancing communication and getting the maximum from your communication procedure. Thus, finding ways to maximize the function of communication in your life is a superb idea.

The quality of your life, depends on the quality of your communication skills, now what do we understand by communication?” By definition, communication means sharing information with the other person. Now communication skills as the most underrated skills, let us understand the importance of communication skills with a very basic example.

There are two people Mr.A & Mr B Mr.A is not so good in academics, but overall when compared to communications skills, he has good communication skills. But on the opposite Mr.B is good in academics, topper in academics, but when it comes downs to communication skills, he is not so good at communication skills. He is afraid of discussing his views in front of people; he is afraid of what people will say about him.

After their college both started from the same level, after five years in their professional life, Mr A became manager due to his good communications skills due to his ability to handle people very well, to manage people very well, to understand people very well & understand the problems of people very well. In the other side Mr.B even though he was topper h his college time, in his professional life what happened his fear of talking with people doubled & he never able to overcome that fear & due to this fact he remained under Mr.B. This is the importance of communications skills.

Types of Communication

There are Four Types of Communication; let us look at them one by one,

1. Verbal Communication

2. Non-Verbal Communication

3. Written Communication

4. Visual Communication

Lets Discuss Each One By One

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is the use of sound & language to share information through speaking & speech. For example When talking  through  a video this is verbal communication.
This is what we all know. But how to improve this skill what are the basic qualities to improve this verbal communication.

Basic qualities to improve verbal communication

• Confidence in Voice Just ensures one thing you have confidence in your voice while speaking when you’ll understand this deeply, and you’ll be able to improve your communication skills.

• Be a Good Listener Communication skill is not just talking but also listening to what other person is saying.
Whenever we hear the word communication skills what we form a mental image that yes we have to talk talk talk talk talk. NO! Communication skills also mean the ability to listen properly, to understand the problems of the other person, understand the other person through your good listening skills.

I’ll explain to you the basic science behind these. If two people are talking Mr A & Mr B, these two people are talking means they are sharing their information right.
These people are talking they are talking their mind through their information so whatever you talk in a conversation is dependent on what knowledge you’ve fed on that knowledgeyou’re speaking. When you’re speaking, you’re only expressing your knowledge through your communication through your speaking, but when you listen to the other person, you get a different knowledge from that person.

Not necessary that both the person in the conversation has the same knowledge both the person could’ve different knowledge. So you get a new knowledge you get a different knowledge when you genuinely listen to the other person, the other person thinks that yes if he is fully listening to me, he is giving importance to my knowledge, information. So when you give 100% attention & listen to the other person is the most important skill of a good communicator of good communication skills.

Non-Verbal Communication

What do we understand by Nonverbal communication? Not speaking but expressing your communication through your body language through your facial expressions that are nonverbal communication skills.

Two points to remember in nonverbal communication skills.

Stand in a Right Posture

When you are standing, and your spinal cord should be straight, you should not bend. Your shoulders should be back & nose should be up like this. Whenever you’re in a conversation the moment you change your body posture from this to this, you get confidence, and that confidence is reflected on your face.

So, ensure that your body posture is right while you speak to the other person & also remember whenever you’re speaking/talkingyou’ve got a gentle smile on your face, so the other person will feel that this person looks happy, he is not depressed /Tensed he looks happy.
Because whatever expressions you’re developing on your face that kind of energy you’re transmitting to the other person.

• Facial Expressions

Ensure the facial expressions you’re making up on your face are not conveying a wrong message to the other person. Right now I have a pretty good smile on my face & talking with you guys, what if I have a facial expression like this. You’ll not watch right so remember your body posture your facial expressions conveys a message, therefore, ensure that while you’re talking you’ve good body posture & good facial expressions talking to the other person or in a conversation.

3. Written Communication

Written communication is the act of writing, typing and sharing information through written form. When we were in our school days our college days, we did not focus on our communication skills / written communication skills. But when we enter a professional life or ina job what happens email writing becomes a crucial part of dealing with people, so when you write an email start with Greetings at the start & describe the problem properly ending with good regards.
Using a combination of right words & forming the simple sentence that the other person will understand, this is the basic requirement of good written communication skills.

4.Visual communication

Visual communication means sharing information through Arts, photographs, Sketches, Charts& etc.



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