Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Galaxy Note 10 Pro) Vs Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Galaxy Note 10 Pro) Vs Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. Today, I’m going to make a comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus It was launched in August 2019 Compared to  Poco F2 Pro, which was launched in recently June 2020  Galaxy Note 10 Plus has an Exynos chipset built-in and Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro has got Snapdragon 865 which is the latest chip being used in 2020 flagship android phones Now, we gonna run a speed test between them First of all, we will start up with boot-up test Although it’s been nearly a year for Galaxy Not 10 Plus But it is still Samsung’s one of the best phones ever launched Consider its features, design quality, and etc… While Poco phones offer price-friendly with the latest Snapdragon chip 2020 As you can see, From here we can tell that the boot-up speed is a lot faster on the poco f2 pro Now, let’s try launch day-to-day apps First, camera.

I guess it is a draw here Since poco started with the white colour screen then only refresh together with the Note 10 Plus So far I would say Poco F2 Pro launched most of the app faster than the Note 10 Plus Since it is embedded with the Snapdragon 865 While  Galaxy Note 10 Plus using the same chip as the Galaxy S10 which was also launched in the year of 2019 It would have been different if it is compared to Samsung Galaxy S20 series Also, take note that both Snapdragon and Exynos variants have different speed and heat management I have watched many videos talk about the Exynos variants will get slower and slower due to the bad in heat management That caused pullback in Enos’s performance Now, let’s compare its RAM management The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus base RAM starts from 12GB No doubt that is the advantage for plus version but take note that galaxy note 10 only has 8GB of RAM while Poco F2 Pro that has 8GB of RAM and it starts from 6GB of RAM for the lowest version of Poco phone Frankly speaking, in year 2020 so far, 8GB of RAM is more than enough in our daily task actually Unless you would like to do hardcore heavy multi-tasking such as video editing while playing games switch along both apps or more Yea you probably should get more RAM than 8GB But still, 8Gb is fine Up till now, both devices passed my RAM management test.

When Playing PUBG on Poco F2 Pro by maximizing the graphic and frame per second (FPS) it feels very smooth and the gameplay experience is great it wouldn’t get lag at all since it is using the latest snapdragon 865 undoubtedly for the price we pay, it definitely worth it! When playing PUBG on Galaxy Note 10 Plus, after I selected the highest graphic it only allows me to select ultra for frame rate instead of maximum So I assume its FPS is around 30 frames per second something Which is actually kind of affecting the gameplay experience Since it is not as smooth as the Poco F2 Pro that I played just now But I believe it’s just the software problem which will be solved in the future PUBG’s updates But doesn’t get me wrong, you can still select the maximum FPS only it will decrease a level in the quality setting Now, let’s conclude which device really suits you if you are the person who loves beautiful and large display, or do heavy task often it is definitely your choice for the Note 10 Plus Not to mention it has expandable memory slot and great cameras Oh, and also, S-Pen If you like to jot down notes or drawings, yea, this is the one! On the cons side, the price of it is actually kind of expensive basically you pay for what you get Galaxy Note 10 Plus is built for people who like to do a heavy task but the battery isn’t really suited them with 4300 mAh of battery life (Capacity) it really isn’t enough at all One last, its fingerprint reader is still slow With the affordable price for Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro it offers the latest chip and the battery of 4500 mAh its design isn’t as slim and light as Note 10 Plus, but it still has got the headphone jack! Also, the drawback of Poco is that its body isn’t water resistance In my opinion, I personally don’t like the user interface (UI) on the poco it feels isn’t as smooth as the Samsung’s UI Alright guys, here’s the end of my comparison and honest review on both phones today. Please hit the like button if you like it and subscribe to my channel if you loved it So you don’t get to missed out my review on other phones in the future if you want me to do any review on any phone just comment below Also, feel free to comment your opinion as well Peace!


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